FedEx is targeting the e-commerce market to grow in Brazil

The logistic company that still has a small share of the Brazilian market will invest in increasing its fleet to win the country

FedEx wants to invest in the Brazilian e-commerce market
  • FedEx plans to improve its infrastructure in Brazil and make partnerships with local companies to reach a bigger part of the Brazilian audience
  • The goal is to become a common option for e-commerce delivery 

Logistics still are a huge challenge in Brazil, but the country never had so many companies trying to solve it. While in the tech market the logistic startup Loggi became a unicorn by solving the daily logistic problems of Brazilians, traditional companies of the segment won’t stay behind. 

FedEx is the latest company to announce future plans to increase its presence in the Brazilian market. After buying the companies Rapidão Cometa and TNT, the courier delivery services company gave a jump to reach more Brazilians and now is betting on infrastructure improvements to keep growing in this market. How? By focusing on e-commerce deliveries. 

To make this plan possible, FedEx is negotiating partnerships not only with the biggest retailers of the country – with the goal of becoming a common delivery option – but also with promising startups in order to help new tech-companies to increase its audience reach rate. 

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Even with all those growth plans, getting on a fight for buying Correios in case of privatization isn’t plan A, but the company doesn’t discard the possibility either. According to Juan Cento, FedEx Express’ President on Latin America and the Caribbean, in an interview for the Brazilian media outlet Valor Econômico, “in the U.S we carry everything for the US Post Office. So there are opportunities for a win-win relation working with Correios, it could be by making an alliance or another type of partnership. We are closely monitoring what they are doing and seeing the opportunities that may arise.”

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