Focused on malls, Delivery Center triples operation during the pandemic

Excluding food deliveries, the startup saw the number of deliveries jump 15 times since quarantines began

Brazilian startup Delivery Center
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  • Founded in 2016, Delivery Center received this year an investment of BRL 69 million from mall management firms BRMALLS and Multiplan;
  • The startup plans to expand from the current 25 hubs in 3 cities to 80 distribution centers by the end of the year. 

Brazilian startup Delivery Center decided to focus on a segment that was deeply impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic: shopping mall sales. It may seem contradictory, but the move has been extraordinary. By helping shopkeepers who needed to continue operating in a model based entirely on deliveries, with closed doors in physical stores, the company recorded a threefold increase in the volume of deliveries since the beginning of the quarantines.

With delivery hubs in 25 malls across Brazil, the company has seen deliveries increase 15 times in segments that exclude the food sector, Saulo Brazil, CEO of Delivery Center, told Mobile Time.

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“The restaurants were already delivering, but the non-food shopkeeper was taken completely by surprise. Most did not have any online sales channel or stock for that. So, at first he simply closed the doors,” he said. “Our role with mall administrators is to provide legal certainty that these stores can deliver and help in their digital transformation. Many franchisees of major national brands are unaware that they can sell through MercadoLibre, Rappi or WhatsApp. “

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The startup was founded in Porto Alegre, a southern Brazilian city, in 2016 and, in January, received an investment of BRL 69 million from the malls management firms brMalls and Multiplan. Today it operates in 25 shopping malls in the country, based on the metropolitan regions of Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The company will start operations in Belo Horizonte and Curitiba in the coming weeks and, according to Saulo Brazil, its plans are to end the year in more than 80 shopping malls in 25 states.

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