Focusing on SMEs, Brazil's Locaweb acquires e-commerce platform and fintech for credit solutions

Both Credisfera and Dooca Commerce founders will maintain operations within Locaweb

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  • Locaweb recently acquired Social Miner, Etus, Vindi, Melhor Envio and Connectplug;
  • Credisfera was acquired for BRL 26.6 million and Dooca Commerce for BRL 26.5 million.

Brazilian Locaweb, which operates web services, announced the acquisition of Credisfera, a fintech that offers credit solutions for SMEs, for BRL 26.6 million, and Dooca Commerce, a virtual store platform focused on SMEs, for BRL 26.5 million.

After raising BRL 575 million on its IPO, Locaweb executives said that the company was in advanced negotiations to acquire several smaller companies. Locaweb has recently acquired Social Miner, Etus, Vindi, Melhor Envio and Connectplug.

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Founded in 2015 in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Dooca Commerce helps merchants to create, set up and manage their virtual stores and sell online. Dooca presented in 2020 a growth of more than 650% in the number of active clients and an ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) of BRL 5 million, resulting entirely from subscription revenue for the use of the platform.

The plans for the acquisition and capture of synergies include Dooca in the Locaweb’s e-commerce ecosystem, offering to all of Dooca’s customer base Yapay’s payment solution, integrations with more than 30 marketplaces and Store-in-Store offered by Ideris, Melhor Envio logistics solutions, Vindi’s recurring payment APIs and the entire digital marketing portfolio with Social Miner and All In.

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Following Locaweb’s operating model in other acquisitions, the founding partners Dieter Fritsch, Gustavo Metz and Maicol Rafael Bruski, will remain in the operation and will maintain the team of employees.

Also founded in 2015, Sao Paulo-based Credisfera will allow Locaweb to offer credit service to its customer base in an integrated manner. The company’s strategy in acquiring this fintech is to offer an integrated solution combining Credisfera’s technological capacity and credit intelligence, with the clients’ base that use Locaweb platforms to sell and receive online.

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Credisfera’s Wanderley Schmidt Campos, Eduardo Peixoto Ferreira Leite, Carlos Eduardo Carneiro Pinto de Magalhães and José Filipe Neis will remain in the operation and will maintain the team as well.

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