For the first time, online and offline sales should be at the same level in Brazil's Black Friday, reveals Google

A research made by the tech-giant with Provokers discloses that online purchases might reach the same level of those of offline in the country

Black Friday in Brazil

The biggest moment for the retail market is coming with great news for e-commerce: this promises to be the most digital Black Friday ever seen in Brazil, according to the research “Black Friday Season”, made by Google and the consultancy agency Provokers with an audience of Brazilian current buyers, online and offline, in the last 6 months. 

If in 2018, the same research pointed out that 41% of Brazilians bought only in physical stores, while 52% preferred e-commerce and only 7% used both ways; in 2019, the game is balanced. This year, 25% of users intend to buy both on the internet and on physical stores, whereas 37% of users still prefer the physical store, and 38% will focus on e-commerce. 

Online and offline purchases have never been so balanced in the country and this unveils one of the highlights of the research: Brazilian consumers are multichannel. Besides the increase in the rate of users that plans to buy both online and offline, two-thirds of the audience will use the internet to look for the best offers, even if the plan is to buy in a physical store. Google’s business director for retail in Brazil, Gleidys Salvanha, told the Brazilian media outlet Meio e Mensagem that the multichannel trend was never so present for retailers and consumers. “On the multichannel retailer side, we have more clear strategies by offering services such as click and collect on the store, or the availability of the physical products portfolio in a digital address, and much more. On the consumer side, although 95% of retail sales happened in a physical environment, the consumer bets on the digital to make the decision for the product or brand before going to visit a physical store,” she reveals. 

Another important aspect of Black Friday in Brazil is the shipping, since 39% of the audience shows that the motivation for avoiding online purchases is the shipping price. This information could be both the key for international websites that could reduce shipping prices at Black Friday or bad news for those who aren’t aware of it. 

After all this data, what no one can deny is that the Brazilian market is a hotbed for business and Black Friday is a great opportunity to win the Brazilians for those who are ready to go for it. 

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