One More Global Giant Invests in Latin America: P&G Launches Innovation Center in Brazil


“During unstable moments is when innovation becomes more relevant”, that’s what Juliana Azevedo, president of P&G in Brazil, believes and it was one of the key factors for the decision of choosing Brazil for an investment of 200 million in a new innovation center of the group, according to Veja.

Owner of brands like Ariel, Oral-B, and Gillette, P&G has already launched other seven innovation centers around the world and the strategy with the Brazilian one is to increase their investments in all Latin American countries. For doing so, the intent is to use not only the knowledge of the researches made in the other centers but also looking directly to the best way to attend the Latin-Americans specific needs.

When Veja asked Azevedo about the current economic situation of Brazil, she answered that sees the moment as appropriate for investments, even considering a slow pace of growth. Kathy Fish, the global leader of researches in the company, also agrees with this vision about Brazil and she complements saying that the country is one of the largest markets for their brands, that’s why the investment is so promising.

And the technology market couldn’t be more in agreement with both of them.

P&G wasn’t the only one to invest in innovation in Brazil and see the market as a great opportunity. Earlier this year, the global president of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, announced during an event in São Paulo that the use of their cloud platform, Azure, increased at a significant rate in Brazil, according to Valor Econômico. It makes the company looks for the Brazilian market with a sparkle in its eyes.

Brazil is still a huge opportunity

Satya Nadella, global president of Microsoft

To keep investing in the Brazilian market, Microsoft has ordered a research to Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in order to find out the real potential of the region regarding artificial intelligence in key sectors for the brand.

The time for innovation in Latin America is definitely now and if you aren’t convinced yet, we got more to say. Follow this link to know what other global companies are putting their efforts in Brazil.

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