Google Cloud and SAP join forces to bring their data centers together

The information was confirmed by Eduardo Lopez, Google Cloud's President in Latin America, on his LinkedIn

Photo: Screenshot/Google Cloud
  • Recent announcements from SAP and Google Cloud underscore a powerful partnership that is rapidly becoming “more intimate and more successful”, says Cloud Wars;
  • This partnership is attributed to Google Cloud’s CEO, Thomas Kurian.

Google Cloud is partnering up with SAP, a German software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations, to bring their data centers together, as first reported by Cloud Wars, and Eduardo Lopez, Google Cloud’s President in Latin America, confirmed it on his LinkedIn.

According to Cloud Wars, SAP is changing its preferred choice as a cloud computing partner, which used to be Microsoft, to Google. Microsoft has a large, fast-growing and strategic SaaS portfolio, which may present challenges to SAP in the future, while Google Cloud does not. “As much as SAP CEO Christian Klein values the close partnership SAP and Microsoft forged more than a year ago with the ‘Embrace’ program, he is also fiercely determined to protect SAP’s position as the world’s #1 provider of enterprise apps, particularly at this critical juncture as many customers are moving aggressively to the cloud”, it says.

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Also, recent announcements from SAP and Google Cloud underscore a powerful partnership that is rapidly becoming more intimate and more successful.

Besides, there’s ‘The Thomas Kurian Effect’, Google Cloud’s CEO. The media outlet recalls that in 18 months as CEO, Kurian has organized, revitalized and fundamentally reimagined every facet of the Google Cloud business.

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“Thomas Kurian has re-imagined what’s possible when two powerful tech companies join forces – and now SAP and Google Cloud are closer than ever before. The partnership brings a one-of-a-kind data center that combines the power of SAP with the solid and reliable infrastructure of Google Cloud. Our growing relationship is empowering customers and provides the tools needed to solve today’s most pressing challenges. Here’s to working close together!”, wrote Eduardo Lopez on LinkedIn.

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