Google for Startups launches new program in Brazil focused on growth strategies

Liv Up, Zee.Dog, Warren and four more startups will participate in Google's program

Google for Startups
Photo: Google for Startups/ Courtesy
  • Classes will be remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • The program targets startups that are already scaling their businesses.

Google for Startups, announced on Tuesday the arrival of the Growth Academy program in Brazil, as first reported O Estado de São Paulo. It is a program focused on startups with proven traction in the market, which are already scaling their businesses, seeking growth of users and revenue.

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In all, eight Brazilian startups, from different sectors, will participate in the program. Among them are Liv Up, known for delivering healthy food in scheduling models, Sallve, a native digital cosmetics brand, Olist, which helps physical stores to have an online presence, and the pet brand Zee.Dog, besides the fintechs Cora, Warren and Remessa Online, from the financial area, and the health startup Sanar.

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The program will remotely run for 10 weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In partnership with market experts, the program aims to train leaders of startups in growth strategies with mentoring and practical applications. The initiative has already been carried out in other countries such as Spain, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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