Grabr, a Silicon Valley startup, increases sales by 184% during Amazon Prime Day

Grabr increases sales by 184% during Amazon Prime Day
  • Inspired by business models such as Uber and Airbnb, Grabr created a method to connect travelers and consumers for international purchases
  • Latin America is one of the most important markets for the startup
  • During Amazon Prime Day, Grabr doubled their sales, especially since not all Amazon’s product portfolio was offered in local e-commerce

Inspired by the feeling that there were missing products which were only selling in Spain, the country where the founders had lived in, the Russians Artem Fedyaev and Daria Rebenok created the startup Grabr, a service that connects travelers to international consumers, making possible for tourists to buy products on demand and deliver them to consumers in their countries of origin. It is a way to monetize trips and also to give access to international products. 

And it was in Latin America where the startup found their right audience. While the consumers of the region had always wanted to access international products, especially from the US, Grabr came in as a solution. In the region, the startup already has a representative share in Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. 

Grabr and the Amazon Prime Day

If someone still had doubts about the potential of this innovative business model, the marketing action made by Grabr during Amazon Prime Day in the U.S was the answer. By offering Latin American consumers a chance to buy products on sale directly from the United States, the startup broke barriers and reached an increase of 184% in sales amount just in the first day, growing more 33% the next day.

Grabr results during Amazon Prime Day

In this edition, Grabr for Amazon Prime Day products was available just for selected cities in Latin America, such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, and the consumer had to anticipate the payment. 

The company doesn’t have any kind of official partnership with Amazon and all the legal charges for international products are included, but regarding the low prices of the products in this period, it is still worth it for consumers and travelers.

Amazon’s sale was also available in local e-commerces of the brand in Latin America. In Amazon’s e-commerce in Brazil, for instance, its sales exceeded the results of Black Friday for the company in the country. The reason for Grabr being considered a great opportunity is that, even with local offers, its products attract customers. Brazil’s best-selling products were books, since the US sale offered a bigger product portfolio. 

Innovation is here for good, that’s a fact. And Grabr’s solution is proof of it. 

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