For financial sustainability, Grow leaves 14 Brazilian cities

Only three capitals will continue to offer scooter rental services under the Grin and Rappi brands. The supply of Yellow bikes was "interrupted"

Yellow and Grin plans to invest BRL 25 million in Brazil
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Grow, a joint venture between the Mexican Grin, of electric scooters, and the Brazilian Yellow, of shared bicycles, which took place at the beginning of last year, announced its departure from 14 Brazilian cities. Rappi, which had been using the holding company’s structure, in a kind of equipment rental, also leaves these 14 cities.

Only São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba will offer the company’s micromobility services. The announcement comes a few days after Lime, from the same segment, said it was leaving the country. Also a few months ago, in November, Grow reported that the Yellow app would cease to exist, being absorbed by Grin, and that the bicycle service would be stopped for reassessment.

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In a statement, the company said that the decision is part of a restructuring that seeks financial sustainability and the continuation of the provision of services “in a stable, efficient and secure manner”.

The cities that will no longer be served are Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Campinas (SP), Florianópolis (SC), Goiânia (GO), Guarapari (ES), Porto Alegre (RS), Santos (SP), São Vicente (SP), São José dos Campos (SP), São José (SC), Torres (RS), Vitória (ES) and Vila Velha (ES).

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The electric scooters that were in those cities will be transferred to the three capitals where the service will continue to be offered.

Also in the statement, Grow said it was looking for public and private partnerships to “strengthen and expand its operation”. For now, Grow is present in seven countries in Latin America. No exit has been reported in the other squares yet.

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