Hot Sale 2020 revenues soar 82% in Mexico

12.3 million Mexicans shopped during the largest online sales campaign in the country

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  • Hot Sale 2020 brought 525 million visitors, a 99% increase compared to last year’s campaign;
  • The use of debit card to make purchases has grown, due to the financial uncertainty brought by the coronavirus among Mexican consumers;
  • Multi-category marketplaces attracted the largest number of internet users, however, this year also highlights the performance of categories such as Home & Decor and Supermarkets.

Hot Sale, the most popular online shopping event in Mexico, approached its seventh edition this year hitting MXN 20,155 million in sales, an 82% growth YoY. In 2019, the shopping campaign reached MXN 11,082 million.

Announced during a press conference this Thursday led by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), this year’s results, according to CEO Pierre-Claude Blaise, represent almost the total sales generated during the first six editions of the campaign.

It is a historic day for e-commerce and the digital economy in the country. E-commerce will boom in Mexico because we have many companies in the country investing for this to happen

Pierreclaude Blaise, CEO at AMVO.

The retail category registered a 158% increase in sales, compared to the previous edition.

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“The number is quite encouraging for economic issues. This year we are particularly pleased to mention these MXN 20,000 million obtained,” added Paulina Ortiz, market research analyst at Nielsen. Despite expressive growth in sales, the average purchase ticket during Hot Sale reported a drop, and 44% of purchases cost less than MXN 1,350. On average, Mexican consumers spent MXN 1,140 on this edition.

Regarding categories, fashion, electronics, smartphones, and household appliances were the ones that rose the most, but food and beverage items also hit significant share, pushed by social isolation behavior due to the pandemic. Electronics and household appliances registered a higher average ticket, of MXN 3,048. Driven by the “home office effect”, the main sales on the furniture category, whose average ticket hit MXN 4,256 this year, were desks and chairs to work remotely.

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Among the top 5 reasons to buy online during Hot Sale, AMVO found out that the first two were related to the pandemic, as Mexican consumers claimed to be afraid of exposure by going out shopping.

In the number of orders, Hot Sale generated about 21 million purchase requests, 220% more than in 2019.”We are selling today what we planned to sell in 3 years and this has pushed the logistics chain forward,” said AMVO’s CEO.

As for payment methods, debit card represented 48% of all purchases in a significative growth that, according to AMVO, occurred due to the financial uncertainty brought by the coronavirus.

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