In less than one year in the U.S., Incognia reaches 100 million monthly active users

According to Incognia's CEO Andre Ferraz, the startup also reached 40 million daily active users

Andre Ferraz, CEO and co-founder at Incognia. Photo: Incognia/Courtesy
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Brazilian startup Incognia reached 40 million daily active users and 100 million monthly active users in less than one year of operations, announced Andre Ferraz, Incognia’s co-founder and CEO, on a LinkedIn post.

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Incognia was born as a fraud prevention business unit of the location behavior platform Inloco, which operated mainly in the marketing and digital advertising segment. Last year, this unit, called Inloco Media, was sold to Brazil’s retailer Magazine Luiza, a company that was already a partner of the startup, for an undisclosed amount.

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Using part of the $18.8 million investment raised in 2019, Incognia began operating in the United States in 2020. Last time Ferraz talked to LABS, he said the startup managed to protect almost 30 million people in the American market through its customers, and now it surpassed the 40 million daily active users mark. Incognia also intends to raise an investment round by this year.

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