Investo raises a BRL 15 million Seed round to launch ETFs in Brazil

The round was led by angel investors from the Harvard ecosystem; fintech to launch the first investment funds in the coming weeks

Brazilian Investo ETFs
Silvio Junqueira, Gabriel Lansac, Cauê Mançanares and Mariana Monteiro, from Investo. Photo: Courtesy
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Investo, an independent fund manager specializing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), announced a BRL 15 million Seed round to start operations in Brazil. The funds were raised from angel investors from the Harvard ecosystem, among them Rene Kern, former advisor of the BM&FBovespa and director of General Atlantic. The newly raised capital will be invested in the operation’s infrastructure, which will be officially launched in Brazil in the coming weeks.

According to the Investo founders, Cauê Mançanares, Silvio Junqueira and Gabriel Lansac, fintech‘s proposal is to “turn Brazilians into a global investor” through its platform, with products that enable investments abroad in a simplified and low-cost way. Fintech‘s flagship is the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), investment funds that represent international companies, traded on the stock exchange, with any brokerage firm and investments starting at BRL 10.

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Investo’s entire operation will be carried out on B3, with the offer of products listed on the American stock exchange and made available on the Brazilian stock exchange. Investo expects to end 2021 with twelve ETFs listed on B3 and 200,000 investors in its customer base. Investo already has a partnership with Easynvest by Nubank, Credit Suisse, Inter and Banco Modal.

Investo was founded in March 2020 and over the past year has worked with regulatory bodies in Brazil to structure the operation while negotiating the Seed round with investors. According to Mançanares, Investo’s CEO, when looking for investors, the company looked for professionals with experience in implementing ETFs in other countries and in the international capital market, adding expertise to the investment.

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“The financial market is a sector with strong regulation and requires extreme solidity from companies that decide to operate in the sector. It is not feasible to create a startup and believe that it will be able to provide innovative and quality financial services, it is necessary to have the resilience of processes, staff and infrastructure and this requires investments and a lot of studies”, said Mançanares.

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