Kwai launches ad platform in Brazil, Kwai for Business

With Kwai for Business, the short-form video social network goes ahead to expand in Brazil, one of its main markets with 45.4 million monthly active users

Kwai launches ad platform in Brazil, Kwai for Business
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Kwai, the Chinese short-form video social network, a competitor of TikTok, has just launched in Brazil the Kwai for Business ad platform, which brings together features for companies to create and insert sponsored content in the app.

Based on the one-stop-shop concept, Kwai for Business offers content and advertising solutions in a single interface, through which companies and advertising agencies can create their own campaigns and make content available to their audience in a variety of in-feed and full-screen ads formats.

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The platform also has a business center with intelligence services to strategically support commercial partners in decision-making and monitoring of results. The advertising insertion is paid and each project is planned between the company/agency and Kwai, which does not detail the prices.

Kwai for Business has great potential in Brazil: Kwai has today a market of 45.4 million monthly active users in the country, a very attractive audience for the advertising market.

Paulo Fernandes, Kwai’s director of sales for the Americas, says that the company’s great differential is to have a diverse community that produces customized content designed for the Brazilian audience. “We are bringing this same core to our ad platform.”

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The ad platform debuts in Brazil offering three ad models:

  • Brands can insert different types of cards in their videos, which make it possible to create call-to-action campaigns for websites, apps, or games, activate product buying in e-commerce or even drive to a live stream. This content will appear to users as they browse the feed on the platform.
  • Brands can build immersive full-screen ads, which bring more dynamic content to users with conversion campaigns. This type of content will be displayed as soon as users open the app before they start browsing.
  • Brands can create campaigns with static images or GIFs, which allow call-to-action for websites, apps or games. This type of content will also be displayed as soon as users open the app.
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