LABS+1: Alexa launches in Brazil, while the biggest cross-border payments even happens in Rio de Janeiro... and an extra tip for the weekend

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If you are following all the LABS+1’s editions, you are probably used to reading news about streamings or the latest moves by big techs. Well, we cannot say that you won’t see anything like this around here this time, since Amazon has just announced that Brazilians will finally meet Alexa, the brand’s voice assistant that is being launched in the country. But the big news is that we have so much more going on in the Latin America market.You are about to read a weekly overview with not only the topics that became huge headlines in tech media outlets, but also with the business stories that only LABS offers. 

That’s because last week we did not only follow the highlights of the event LATAM Cross-border Summit but also launched a completely new digital magazine, the Brazilian Rocket Ships. 

Are you tired of reading the same news everywhere? Then this Plus One is for you. Do you want to delve deep into the Brazilian market? Well, this Plus One is also made for you. 

So, no more talking and let’s get down to business. Check out the complete weekly overview and don’t forget our extra tip for the weekend!

5-  Former US treasurer Rosario Marin and “The power of Latinos” in a new era

“I have had the great fortune of being the first in many things,” said the Mexican Rosario Marin, former US Treasurer, giving a glimpse of how her life and career could be summed. “The first Latina, the first woman, the first immigrant, the first mom with a disabled child, the first of my family to graduate from the university.” 

Listed by Forbes in 2014 as one of the Most Powerful Women in Mexico, Marin served as the 41st Treasurer of the United States from 2001 to 2003, and, among other highlights in her path, dedicated her life for educating young people on financial stability and advocating for the mentally disabled.

In an interview with LABS during the Latam Crossborder Summit, payments focused event held from September 23-26 in Rio de Janeiro, she shed light on her early life and career, the challenges of being the first and only foreign-born to ever fill the position of US Treasurer and her thoughts on Latin America’s moment. Check the full article.

4- Uber chooses EBANX, the Brazilian fintech, to process its payments in Latin America

Uber reduce the number of cars in São Paulo

EBANX, the global fintech company headquartered in Brazil, will start processing cash vouchers and bank transfer payments for Uber in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. EBANX is now a payment partner that supports the new Uber Pay ecosystem.

Through the ecosystem, users will be able to use money to buy credits and pay for services using their mobile phones. In Brazil, in particular, users will be able to do this by paying a “boleto” or making a cash deposit from an accredited network. It is also part of Uber’s plans to create a connected marketplace focused mainly on users that don’t have a bank account or a credit card.

3- Houston we have…a super startup on the way

A booming ecosystem with plenty of opportunities everywhere: that’s what the startup market looks like in Latin America. You have probably  heard of some of the unicorns that were truly game-changers in the market, such as Nubank, Rappi, and 99. But are you aware that there are new companies that have just achieved the $ 1 billion valuation, or do you know which ones are presenting the most promising solutions to the market and driving their own paths to become the next unicorns?  

We went deep into the stories of the Brazilian Rocket Ships, those startups that are breaking barriers, solving problems, and changing the market. And now you can meet each of them in the second edition of our LABS’ Collection Magazine. Get your copy by subscribing to the pop-up in this link!

2- Mastercard, Visa, and the “invisible payments” trend

“The future is to make payments without knowing you have made a payment,” said João Pedro Paro Neto, from Mastercard during the Latam Cross-Border Summit, a payments focused event powered by the Brazilian fintech EBANX. With this statement, the Mastercard President for Latin America summarized what he believes will be the future of payments. But he wasn’t the only one to make this claim.

Fernando Teles, Country Manager of Visa in Brazil took the stage one day before talking about what the landscape of emerging payment technologies and innovation in the country. “Invisible payment transactions are the kind of experience that consumers are looking for nowadays.” As experts in the payments scenario, Visa and Mastercard showed that they are more than competitors, but that they both have a clear vision of what is on the horizon in the sector.

1- Amazon’s Alexa arrives in Brazil

Alexa arrives in Brazil

If until last year Amazon had shy representativity in the Brazilian retail market, in 2019 Jeff Bezos’ company looks determined to change this game for good. After launching Amazon Prime in the country last month, causing the three main retailers of the country suffer combined losses of BRL 4.75 billion the day after its release, the brand has now made a new move: Alexa, the voice assistant of the brand, now will speak Portuguese and be available in Brazil, alongside Echo, Amazon’s speakers line. 

Starting next week, Amazon might launch three new products: the Dot, a small speaker; the Echo Show 5, a speaker with a screen; and, last but not least, the Echo, which is the main product of the speaker’s line and should also arrive in the country by November. With Alexa’s release, not only will Amazon increase its portfolio for Brazilian consumers, but also other brands such as LG, Bose, Positive, and Yale should also launch compatible products in the country, according to the media outlet Estado. 

The story of a strong woman that challenged the rules of a country–a country that had just transitioned out a military regime–to make a television show that would shape Brazilian television history: Hebe Camargo. The famous Brazilian presenter that passed away in 2012 and is still remembered as a unique character of the entertainment industry in the country is now screening in cinemas to tell her story to a whole new generation. 

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