Latin America has a new unicorn: Loggi, the Brazilian delivery service

Born in 2014 with the challenge of solving logistics problems of a continent-sized country like Brazil, Loggi became the latest Latin American unicorn, after receiving a US$ 100 million investment from Softbank, according to UOL. This is the second Brazilian startup to achieve this goal in 2019, the first one was the fitness company Gympass in February.

“Our philosophy is to deliver anything for anyone”

Fabien Mendez, Loggi’s president

Loggi already has an operation with more than 100 million deliveries every day, covering 35% of Brazilian territory and some big clients like Carrefour, Mercado Livre, McDonald’s and Burger King. But according to Fabien Mendez, Loggi’s president, in an interview for UOL, they are planning to go even further, not only by delivering products to all over Brazil but also by making sure that it will be done in a very short period of time. “By the end of 2020, we want to connect all Brazillian cities. The idea is to offer the delivery by the next day for all Brazilians”, explains Fabien Mendez for UOL.

Loggi’s is not the only one to turn the logistics obstacles in Brazil into a business opportunity. Recently, Rappi, the Colombian delivery service and Latin American unicorn, announced that the country is becoming the first market of the company. For Mike Suprovici, Managing Director of the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley, this is not a coincidence, but a market trend.

In an exclusive interview for LABS, he explains that startups in Latin America are not only improving the consumer experience – they are solving real problems. This is the reason why logistics market in the region was such a gold mine for the first-movers. “These are massive problems that can be solved by multiple startups”, explains Suprovici. According to him, the Brazilian market keeps looking bright, but now is the right time to invest and if you want to know why, here’s the complete interview with the expert.

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