Latin America is the next target of Airbus: the European company reveals new plans to keep growing in the region

Airbus invests in Latin America
  • Airbus plans to deliver new 1.183 airplanes to Latin America airline companies
  • Since 2008, the company is already leading their market in Latin America but with this new strategy, they expect to jump from 56% of market share in the region to 65%.

The travel industry is rising in Latin America and finding out why this is happening even during currency instability isn’t so hard than it seems. The truth is that Latin Americans love to travel and they are not willing to give up their chance to know other countries.

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This market is becoming so profitable that even Airbus, that is already leading their segment in Latin America, has new plans to deliver new 1.183 airplanes to the region in the next years as part of a plan to keep increasing the market share of the company, according to Valor Econômico.

With this the delivery of these new airplanes, the company expects that with this movement they will be able to give a jump of market share from 56% to 65%. “The region represents 7% of the global air traffic. But, for us, the region represents more than this percentual. It’s a region where we are growing and we have space to increase the fleet˜, affirm Arturo Barreira, the president of Airbus in Latin America and the Caribbean, in an interview for Valor Econômico.

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