Latin American startups feature in global rankings of innovation and best employers

Fast Company and Forbes magazines highlight the region's new businesses

Latin America features Startups in Lists of innovation and best employers. Photo: Shutterstock
Most innovative companies of 2020 in Latin America features Amaro, Magazine Luiza and Algramo, acoording to Fast Company's ranking. Photo: Shutterstock
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  • Fast Company’s Latin America ranking covers news ideas for products, payment platforms and more
  • Forbes list has 3 startups founded by Latin Americans

Two important rankings evaluating startups were recently published and Latin American companies figure in both of them. U.S. business magazine Fast Company recently released a ranking for the most innovative companies of 2020 in Latin America. The list covers news ideas for products, payments and other areas, and features fashiontech Amaro, retailer Magazine Luiza and sustainability startup Algramo.

The Chile-based Algramo reached the top spot on the ranking for selling soap with a digital wallet encouraging reuse attached to its packaging. The Mexican Ejido Verde, the 2nd place, produces a Mexican Pine-based resin using regenerative practices and support for indigenous communities. The Brazilian Magazine Luiza got the third position, for the easy way small businesses can sell on its ecommerce platform. 

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The Brazilian Agronow (No.4) works with risk analysis applied to agriculture to lower capital costs for farmers. Colombian TPaga completes the Top 5 bringing mobile payments to the country’s underbanked population. 

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Also, Forbes released on Tuesday (10) its list of America’s best startup employers, featuring 2,500 businesses with at least 50 employees that were evaluated on three criteria: employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. On the list, 3 startups founded by Latin Americans stood up: Fintech Brex (No. 11),  Pipefy (No. 58), both founded by Brazilians, and Auth0 (No. 51) by Argentines. Pipefy develops business products and software services and the Auth0, from Bellevue, Washington, offers web- security solutions.

Working with corporate cards, Brex also appears on Fast Company’s list of the world’s top 50 innovative companies, among Snap and Spotify. 

Forbes magazine advises: “If you’d rather take a risk and join a budding business than be bound to the rungs of the corporate ladder, startup life may be right for you”. The startups that better filled this were Allbirds (No. 1), Chime (No.2) and Petal (No.3). 

Check out Forbes methodology here.

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