Meet Latitud Launch, a social network that helps startups find customers and investors

The website is part of Latitud, a platform that develops startups from the Latin America's innovation ecosystem

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Launching a new product on the market is always challenging. This Wednesday (8), Latitud announced a platform to help founders showcase their products to potential investors and clients. Called Latitud Launch, it plans to be a “marketplace” for startups in the likes of Product Hunt but focused on Latin America.

In addition to connecting solutions (applications, websites, gadgets) and potential customers, the community also makes room for news about updates in existing products.

Founded by Brian Requarth, Gina Gotthilf, and Yuri Danilchenko, the Brazilian group Latitud defines itself as an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation that develops and connects startups, mentors, and investors in the region.

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The initiative was born out of a pain that was present in the founders’ careers. “At the beginning of journey as an entrepreneur, I spent a lot of time building products that excited me a lot. But when it came time to launch, nobody showed up”, says co-founder Brian Requarth, who also founded the VivaReal website.

Brian Requarth, cofounder of Latitud. Photo: Courtesy

Nobody launches a product thinking it’s bad, but any new product is a hypothesis to be tested. You need to know early on what people are looking for and connect that to a distribution strategy

Brian Requarth, Co-founder of Latitud

Latitud Launch allows startups and founders to find their first customers, get on the investors’ radar and even attract talent. The website opened to the public in late October and has thousands of registered users.

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The service is free and has a voting system for entrepreneurs to recommend each other and share feedback on products.

“Many startups are building amazing products but still can’t reach the target audience. Latitud Launch arrives as the first platform to concentrate what is most innovative being launched in Latin America. Our mission is to solve real problems of entrepreneurs and this is another step we take towards strengthening this ecosystem that will encompass the entire entrepreneurship cycle”, says Latitud’s co-founder and COO, Gina Gotthilf.

Former Duolingo directo, Gina Gotthilf is one of the co-founders of Latitud. Photo: Courtesy

Today, around 550 entrepreneurs and 350 startups are connected to Latitud’s ecosystem. Plans for 2022 are to triple those numbers. The group also operates as an investment fund. Among its investees are Pomelo (Argentina), Kocomo (Mexico), BHub (Brazil), and Newtail (Brazil).

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