LEVE, a Brazilian e-commerce-focused logistics startup, launches in the US

Online stores from the US will be able to send parcels to Brazil using LEVE, a startup created by EBANX that already handles logistics between China and Brazil

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  • LEVE has already processed more than 175,000 parcels sent from China to Brazil since February;
  • Delivery time from parcels arriving from China has now stabilized within 20 to 25 calendar days – well below over 45 days in regular postal services.

EBANX announced the launch in the United States of its international logistics solution LEVE, to help online stores in the country to send parcels to Brazil. Created in the EBANX’s group, which also owns LABS, and headquartered in Brazil, the startup specializes in e-commerce and handles the reception and handling, labeling, and shipment all the way to Brazil – a process with a current final delivery time of 20 to 25 calendar days.  

Among the many impacts brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, logistics disruption stands high as a preoccupation in business circles, particularly in e-commerce, which heavily count on shipping and transportation operations. Seeking effective alternatives to keep activities running smoothly gained tremendous importance.

“At EBANX, we were already easing the connection between our US-based merchants and their Brazilian consumers through payment solutions that grow their total addressable market. With LEVE, we are now easing the entire international selling process for our merchants,” said Gabriela Rodrigues, project manager of LEVE.

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LEVE has already processed more than 175,000 parcels sent from China to Brazil since February, when it was launched, normally within approximately 17 calendar days. It also registered a fivefold growth during the trimester between April and July.

Our solution speeds up the delivery time from the US to Brazil, which ultimately helps to improve the consumer experience within US online stores

Gabriela Rodrigues, project manager of LEVE.

LEVE’s advantages compared to standard postal services are many, and highlights include end-to-end delivery in 20-25 days, on average – compared to over 45 days in regular services –, postal dispatch exemptions, faster custom clearance, and a labelling system that allows full and integrated parcel tracking, from dispatching until the final destination. With LEVE, sellers are able to notify their customers about each status update.

At its warehouse in the US, LEVE receives the parcels of its merchants, and labels them following Brazilian standards of tracking codes and delivery information. This way, packages leave the US already displaying the label that will be required when they arrive in Brazil, and the national tracking number that can be used in the website of the Brazilian postal service.

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This pre-arrival declaration of packages accelerates the customs clearance process in Brazil. Packages do not stop at the Brazilian postal dispatch, allowing a more streamlined process which results in less product loss and fewer refunds. This protocol leads to fewer packages valued under $50 being held at customs, in contrast with other shipping companies, in which all products are mandatorily taxed.

LEVE is also in charge of shipping the parcel. Once it arrives in Brazil, it goes through the traditional Brazilian customs processes – that will evaluate if it needs to be taxed, a process that takes around one business day for parcels coming with LEVE. If this is the case, LEVE informs the consumer about it, so they can pay the tax and release the parcel. This helps lowering the rates of parcel abandonment followed by chargeback requests.

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Besides easing the entire process for the merchant, LEVE also offers more visibility of the parcels to them, by providing a full tracking, from the moment of the departure in the country of origin. In Brazil, if by any chance the postal service cannot deliver a parcel within the standard delivery attempts, LEVE communicates the merchant, so they can decide what to do.  

Expertise from handling logistics China-Brazil

LEVE has been operating logistics between merchants in China and consumers in Brazil. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, delivery time increased from an average of 17 days, to the current 20 to 25 calendar days, which is faster than other standard services that are currently taking about 45 calendar days to deliver. 

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“We aim to offer a complete e-commerce solution for merchants and consumers. Delivering payments, marketing consultancy, customer service, and now logistics in a very consistent strategy, helping merchants navigate the specificities of the Brazilian market, and connecting Brazilian consumers to the best brands in the world,” completed Rodrigues. 

Also, as a private operator of international packet service of Correios, the national postal service in Brazil, LEVE benefits from assisted and sped-up forwarding of packages without the burdensome price tags charged by express courier firms. 

LEVE combines courier-type clearance and delivery with full parcel tracking and visibility, lower costs and the postal fee advantage

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