Brazil's logistic unicorn Loggi in a quest to attract more people to product and engineering hub in Lisbon

Seventy loggers are working in Lisbon today. The plan is to reach a 150-people staff by next year

Loggi's office in Lisbon
Loggi's office in Lisbon. Photo: Courtesy.
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Last Sunday, Loggi‘s office in Lisbon, dedicated to product and engineering, turned two years. Since 2020, the Brazilian logistic unicorn has seen its operations more than quadruple – also boosted by the demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – and is on a quest to attract more people to Portugal.

According to the VP of product at Loggi, Eduardo Thuler, responsible for setting up the office in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital is a “rapid-growth technological hub, which has been consolidating itself as one of the main startups’ hubs on the continent; it receives high government incentive to promote technology, in addition to having great universities and hosting the largest technology conference in Europe, the Web Summit.”

Thuler’s mission came practically along with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Certainly, learning to work between two countries while we were all taking an intensive course in remote work has made the world more complex. Over time, we are getting better at remote and asynchronous work, and the dynamics are already very positive. The team from Portugal has already taken the lead on several strategic issues for Loggi“, he says.

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The office in Lisbon has contributed to Loggi‘s growth in diversity and became an asset to attract professionals that weren’t on the startup‘s radar before. “Loggi values ​​diversity a lot. We started having people from many countries (in Lisbon, we have loggers from more than 16 nationalities) and we started working with people who don’t speak Portuguese, doing all the work in English. This opens our horizons for a much larger group of talents globally. The group has also taken the technology lead on several projects, such as planning many delivery routes.”

Seventy loggers are working in Lisbon today. The plan is to reach a 150-people staff by next year. Loggi primarily seeks product managers, data analysts, software engineers, and designers. Loggi‘s job opportunities in Lisbon are here.

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In Brazil, Loggi opened in November last year, shortly before BlackFriday, a new 40,000 m² cross-docking warehouse in Cajamar, Sao Paulo, with the capacity of processing 500,000 packages per day. With two expansion phases ahead, the structure will process 1 million orders by 2023. Loggi delivers around 300,000 parcels a day in more than 3,000 cities. By the end of 2022, the goal is to cover all cities in Brazil.

The resources for this accelerated expansion come from the last Series F round raised by the startup in March 2021, when it received BRL 1.15 billion from CapSur Capital, a fund specializing in technology companies, with the participation of the Green Fund, and from several current investors such as monashees, Softbank Vision, Softbank Latin America Fund, GGV, Microsoft and Sunley House.

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