Magazine Luiza: 11 cities in Brazil will have deliveries in up to one hour

As of June 21, the Magalu's immediate delivery service will start operating in nine state capitals and two cities in Brazil's countryside

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  • According to the company, the freight is free for purchases over BRL 49 in the groceries category and BRL 99 in other categories through the app;
  • The ultra-fast logistics service works for products up to 6kg.

Brazil‘s retailer Magazine Luiza (Magalu), announced that it will make deliveries in up to one hour in 11 Brazilian cities. As of June 21, the so-called delivery service “Piscou, Chegou” will start operating in nine capital cities – São Paulo, Belém, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Maceió, Aracaju, João Pessoa and Teresina – and two other cities in Brazil‘s countryside – Campina Grande and Ribeirão Preto.

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In all, there are 75 brick-and-mortar stores installed in these Brazilian cities able to perform the ultra-fast logistics service of products up to 6kg (13 pounds). According to the company, the freight is free for purchases over BRL 49 in the groceries category and BRL 99 in other categories through the app.

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“Ensuring fast delivery is fundamental for a good user experience. Magalu has a strong expansion plan for 2021 and a very big focus on logistics, it will be the year of the ‘Piscou Chegou’. In addition to the cities announced today, we already have a project to implement ultra-fast delivery in ten more cities,” says Luis Fernando Kfouri, Magalu’s director of logistics, in a press release. “Our area is constantly growing. This year, Magalu will hire 4,000 logistics employees.”

Part of the movement to integrate all Magalu’s platforms since 2018, the stores have also been transformed into shoppable distribution centers, in which part of the space is destined to store and operate Magalu’s products (the so-called 1P) and also function as logistical support for delivery operations of products sold by sellers that are part of the company’s marketplace (3P, in its industry jargon).

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E-commerce battleground for faster delivery

Recently, AliExpress, the e-commerce giant from Alibaba Group, announced the reduction of the delivery time for international purchases from 12 to 7 days. Another large e-commerces announced faster deliveries, such as Americanas Mundo, which promised delivery of international products in 11 days, and Mercado Libre, which announced the expansion of the same-day delivery service to other regions, intensifying the dispute for consumer attention.

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