Marfrig will start exporting Brazilian vegetarian meat to Japan, China, the US, and Argentina

The veggie burger was launched in August in Brazil, but the exportation doesn't have an official launch date yet

Rebel Whooper Marfrig's burger on Burger King
  • Marfrig already has a partnership with Burger King in Brazil to offer veggie burgers that look and taste very similar to animal meat
  • Start of the exportation of veggie burgers has no official date, but the first Latin American country to receive the product will be Argentina

There’s never been a better moment for the tech food market in Brazil, and Marfrig is putting all its efforts in leading this market. In August, the second-largest Brazilian food processing company had officially announced its first partnership to create a veggie burger brand with the fast-food franchise, Burger King. 

Now, the company is going even further–more than just causing queues in front of Burger King’s stores is São Paulo. Marfrig’s veggie meat will soon be exported to other countries, and the first Latin American nation on the list is Argentina. The product will also reach Japan, China, and the US, according to the Brazilian media outlet Folha de S. Paulo. 

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Although the exportation start date isn’t official yet, the product is free to follow all the regulations already in place for animal meat exportation. It is expected that this kind of business will open doors for Brazil to start commercial relations with different countries.

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