MercadoLibre invests to improve logistics in Latin America by opening three new e-commerce distribution centers

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The delivery time is one of the main concerns of retail companies in Latin America, but to offer a better experience to the consumers after the purchase isn’t an impossible mission either. MercadoLibre, the Argentinian marketplace, is proof of it. According to Reuters, in 2019 they invested in opening three new e-commerce distribution centers in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Two of these new logistics centers are already operating. The first one was inaugurated in Argentina in February and the second one in Brazil in March, which has more than double the MercadoLibre’s logistics capacity in the country.

“A fast delivery really contributes to e-commerce growth, so our plan is to open more distribution centers like these,”

Chief Operating Officer, Stelleo Tolda, said in an interview for Reuters.

According to Reuters, last year the company invested more than $ 2 billion in Latin American countries and this project of logistics came as a way to support an even bigger investment for 2019. Just for Brazil, the country that already represents 60% of the total revenue of the company and is the biggest market for them, MercadoLibre plans to invest around BRL3 billion in 2019, BRL1 billion more than what was invested in 2018.

The MercadoLibre’s CEO has already told in an interview to Reuters that “e-commerce potential has not been fully explored in the countries where we are present and our focus is to grow in these markets”.

We couldn’t agree more. The e-commerce market in Latin America still is one of the regions with more impressive growth rates and Brazil is in the leadership in the region, not by coincidence this market became so important for companies like MercadoLibre.

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