MercadoLibre will launch its own delivery service in Mexico

The service was already tested in Argentina

Photo: Shutterstock
  • MercadoLivre is launching its own delivery service in Mexico called “Mercado Envíos Flex”
  • The main goal of the company is to reduce the delivery time to under 24 hours with this service

In a recent interview for LABS, Mike Suprovici, Managing Director of the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley, explains that although tech-companies are focused on creating “nice-to-have” things and improving experiences in the US or European markets, in Latin America, successful startups are solving real problems. And if logistics and delivery markets are one of the main challenges of the region, we cannot deny that it has also become a huge opportunity, and companies like Rappi or Loggi are here to tell the story. 

This market is not only looking bright for new tech-companies, but it is also holding the attention of Latin American giants such as MercadoLibre. The company has already launched “Mercado Envíos Flex,” their own delivery service in Argentina last November, and Mexico is the next target. 

The main goal is to offer customers a new way to receive their products at home. The service connects MercadoLibre’s clients to independent delivery men, allowing for the product to arrive at its final destination under 24 hours, according to the company’s promises. 

MercadoLibre’s delivery service will be an important player in the Mexican market, this we can know for sure, but we still don’t know when it will happen, since the Argentinian company didn’t reveal the official starting date of operation. 

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