Microsoft and LinkedIn partner up to help Brazilian professionals

Microsoft and LinkedIn made 96 training courses in Portuguese available for free

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  • The initiative is part of global action by both companies;
  • To date, approximately 10 million people are already using the resource made available so far in English, French, Spanish, and German.

With the current crisis in the labor market caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft and LinkedIn have just announced a partnership in which 96 training courses in Portuguese will be made available for free. The initiative is part of global action by both companies, announced in June this year, which aims to bring 25 million people around the world the technical and soft skills needed to prepare for the post-pandemic job market. To date, approximately 10 million people are already using the resource made available so far in English, French, Spanish, and German.

The courses in Portuguese, which can be accessed from October 1, 2020, until the end of March 2021, aim to help retrain professionals who are looking for new job opportunities and prepare them for the professions of the future and the new moment that the labor market in the country is.

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In Brazil, there will be nine learning routes, with 96 courses, developed based on data analysis from LinkedIn to bring content focusing on the most demanded professions and skills currently desired.

A survey carried out by the platform in July 2020 showed that among the most sought-after jobs in Brazil are software engineers, business consultants, java software architects, software analysts, and developers. Regarding the main behavioral and technical skills required globally, the list includes skills such as communication, business management, problem-solving, data science, leadership, and online learning.

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“At Microsoft, we believe that education is the main tool for us to achieve our mission of empowering each person and each organization on the planet to achieve more. This partnership with Linkedin reinforces our commitment to assist in the training and retraining of professionals and students who are unemployed or looking for new positions in the job market. We want to ensure that no one will be left behind and we are offering the necessary tools so that the population remains up to date and prepared for the jobs of the future”, comments Tânia Cosentino, president Microsoft in Brazil.

For Milton Beck, LinkedIn General Manager for Latin America, it is important to create a culture of continuous learning. “We understand that the technical skills and soft skills that we know today will not be the same as necessary in a year or two and, therefore, updating is essential. We want to train professionals and give them the tools they need to be more productive and successful, ”he says.

Also, Microsoft supports this training and retraining effort by donating $20 million to help nonprofits around the world help the people who need it most. In Brazil, Microsoft will offer digital skills training to the most vulnerable with a focus on employability by supporting NGOs Gerando Falcões, Trust for The Americas, Recode, Softex, IOS, ATN, and Junior Achievement. The company is also committed to providing more robust data and analysis, including data from the LinkedIn Economic Graph, to governments around the world, so they can better assess local economic needs. The free courses in Portuguese are available here.

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