Microsoft's sales grow by 12% in the last quarter

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  • Microsoft exceeded the forecasts and increased sales by 12% in the last quarter
  • The company reached a profit of $ 13.2 billion globally during the period
  • Azure, the clouding-computing product, was responsible for the fast-growth of the company worldwide

To keep improving the results of a company that already has a valuation of $ 1 trillion seems like an almost impossible mission. Not for Microsoft. The company exceeded the market forecast of $9.4 billion in profit and announced 12% growth in sales in the last quarter, reaching a profit of $ 13.2 billion globally during the period, according to The New York Times. 

This achievement is directly related to the recent move to bet on Azure, their product of clouding-computing, and the results couldn’t be better. Growing in at a fast pace, Azure increased by 68% in relation to the previous year and can claim to be the company’s largest revenue generator for Microsoft’s team business responsible for the product. 

And Brazil played a special role in these results, since the use of Azure is growing at a significant rate in the country. “Brazil is still a huge opportunity,” said Satya Nadella, global president of Microsoft, during an event in São Paulo. 

Microsoft isn’t leading the cloud-computing market yet, but they are on the right path. 

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