Survey suggests firms may charge more for better shopping experience

Survey shows that Brazilians are using more and more ecommerce but largely avoid buying through social networks

Costumers complain the most about delay in deliveries and fraud. Photo: Shutterstock
  • Brazilian survey shows that costumers are changing habits: they look for better digital shopping experience and safety
  • 30.9% of the consumers usually shop between 8 pm and midnight

Companies must know the new consumer habits to improve their shopping experience. In a survey applied by Reclame AQUI, a Brazilian website that gathers consumer complaints on purchase, sale, products and services, 51.2% stated that they would not mind paying more for a product as long as they had a better shopping experience with the brand. The research was reported by TI Inside. The Consumer Day survey was conducted on March 9, 10 and 11 on the Reclame AQUI platform. More than 13,400 Brazilian consumers answered the questions.

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The result shows Brazilian consumers attuned to digital services, but also that there’s a lot of room for expansion. As TI Inside reports, when asked if they usually buy through social networks; 77.2% of the consumers stated that they do not buy through these channels. Among those who have adopted this habit, 37% make purchases through Facebook and 30.6% via Instagram, which still shows some insecurity to move forward in these new shopping environments.

Mauricio Vargas, founder and CEO of Reclame Aqui, says that customers complain the most about delay in deliveries and fraud, which according to him are more likely in social networks purchasing than established ecommerce stores.

According to the survey, 30.9% os consumers usually shop between 8 pm and midnight. “Buying at night is a habit that has been going on for about three years, but many companies have not yet realized this and close their appointments at 6 pm, or 8 pm, except for some companies that have already had this vision”, warns Vargas.

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Changes in consumption habits have become quite evident, such as the use of digital services for tasks that were previously more complex and “required” greater confidence, as the media outlet reports. 37.3% of the people surveyed answered that they now use more online banking, followed by delivery services (18.6%) and transportation (12.8%). Consumers also answered that the payment method they use the most is credit card, 66.4%; followed by boleto – a cash-based method popular in Brazil -, 19.3%. Digital wallets still have a low volume of use in Brazil, representing only 3.2%.

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