Business, a Brazilian climate tech startup focused on blockchain, nabs a $10 million round has big companies like iFood, Hering and Gol among its clients and bets on the carbon-neutral crypto assets to combat climate change, a Brazilian climate tech startup focused on blockchain, nabs a $10 million round
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Ler em português, a Brazilian climate tech that develops blockchain-based solutions to help companies offset carbon, secured a $10 million Series A funding round. The round was led by SP Ventures and Acre Ventures Partners, and followed by Jive Investments, Flori Ventures (Celo) and The Craftory.

Founded in 2020, is specialized in digitizing carbon-neutral assets by using blockchain technology. “We have developed many significant Web 3.0 products and services, such as Amazon Forest NFTs, to deliver value for our fight against climate change. Through our team of blockchain experts, we want to make environmental accounting and digital asset management cheaper, faster and more convenient,” said Luis Felipe Adaime, founder and CEO at Moss.

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Moss flagship is MCO2, a carbon credit token that is equal to one ton of carbon dioxide. MCO2 is listed on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Mercado Bitcoin in Brazil, and Coinbase globally, among others, and used by global companies and institutions to offset their corporate and customer carbon footprints.

According to the startup, through MCO2 token purchases, Moss clients have sent $26 million in 18 months to Amazon forest conservation projects and thus helped to preserve 1MM hectares. Moss says that linking the carbon credit to the blockchain ensures the digital tracking of projects and integrity over the offsetting process of emissions.

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The startup serves more than 200 clients such as Hering, GOL Airlines, AMARO, Bionexo, iFood, Arezzo, and U.S. investment managers such as SkyBridge and One River Asset Management.

Francisco Jardim, CEO of SP Ventures, a venture capital manager specializing in agri-focused investments, said that climate change is the most urgent threat to Latin America‘s agricultural economy today and that Moss’ solution is essential for more sustainable agriculture.

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Series A will fund’s roadmap of new solutions, such as Amazon NFT, as well as the startup’s pipeline of M&As – Moss made its first acquisition last year, the blockchain startup OnePercent.

“Corporate and societal demand for emissions offsets has boomed this year as climate change became increasingly clear in our routines,” Adaime said.

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