Most Brazilian firms plan to return office work before December, says survey

KPMG interviewed 700 executives and 56% of them plan to return professionals to offices between August and December 2020

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  • The majority of Brazilians said that they will return to their offices, initially with a maximum of 30% of professionals;
  • Only 9.4% of Brazilians employees said they will return to offices next year.

As lockdown measures are being eased in Brazil, companies are preparing to return workers to their offices between August and December, according to a KPMG survey which interviewed more than 700 executives from 11 sectors in Brazil.

A third of Brazilian firms (30.3%) will return initially in a limited way, with a maximum of 30% of their professionals. In 27% of companies surveyed, the plan is to fill offices with 50% of their workforce.

About 35% of Brazilian businesspeople interviewed by KPMG said that the professionals at the company where they work may return to offices between September and December this year. Another 21% may return in August and only 9.4% next year.

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Regarding the impact of remote work on the productivity of professionals, almost half of them (49.5%) said that productivity was maintained and, for 24.5%, there was an increase of up to 20%. For 10.8%, there was a reduction of up to 20% in productivity and for 5.6% the drop was over 20%.

To G1, Roberto Gomez, partner-leader of the KPMG Shared Services Center in Brazil said that “the survey shows that there was a good adaptation to the home office, which had not been not a reality for Brazilian workers”.

The interviewees also said that their companies will implement a series of measures to control access to the offices. The main one is mandatory use of face mask (91.5%), temperature measurement (64.8%), questionnaire regarding health conditions (49.7%) and application of tests for Covid-19 (26.1%). Among all respondents, 103 informed that they will adopt all four measures.

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