Nubank buys American Juntos Global for personalized chats with customers

According to Nubank, with Juntos, the bank will enhance users' experience, listening to their demands and suggesting solutions

Nubank buys American Juntos Global for a personalized chat with customers
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Famous for the high users’ engagement – the digital bank is one of the most beloved companies by BraziliansNubank has bought the American platform Juntos Global, which specialized in creating automated and personalized proactive conversations between banks and their clients. Nubank did not disclose the value of the deal.

The idea, says the digital bank, is that through the platform the focus of communication with its users is more concentrated on each customer and their individual needs, with guidance for the best individual financial decision.

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“Most bank communications focus on the bank – new promotions, new products and what the bank needs customers to do. But each customer has a different need and it is fundamental that we understand what that need is in,” explained Cristina Junqueira, cofounder of Nubank.

Created in the banking digitization era, in which the client started to access banks through digital platforms and no longer necessarily through bank agencies, Juntos Global’s technology enables two-way communication, with interactions and exchange of information between the bank and the client. Moreover, the platform can manage millions of conversations at the same time, through automated and continuous communication.

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This is Nubank‘s fourth acquisition in just over a year. In 2020, the digital bank bought the investment platform Easynvest; Cognitec, a software engineering company, and Plataformatec, a consulting firm specializing in product development and management.

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