Nubank launches "Nubank Ultravioleta", a new credit card with instant cashback

Nubank launched "Nubank Ultravioleta", a premium credit card with 1% cashback on all purchases and Mastercard Black benefits

Nubank new credit card
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Brazilian neobank Nubank announced on Tuesday 6th its new credit card called Nubank Ultravioleta, a premium credit card that brings advantages and benefits of Mastercard Black, such as health insurance and travel assistance. According to CEO Cristina Junqueira, the differential of the new product is the 1% instant cashback on all purchases made with the card.

The customer can choose how to use this cashback: apply the amount in investments in exclusive funds, exchange it for travel miles with no transfer limit or leave the balance yielding 200% of the CDI.

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The card will have a monthly fee of BRL 49, with automatic fee exemption for users with average monthly spending of BRL 5,000 and/or from BRL 150,000 invested in Nubank or Easynvest by Nubank. Another announcement is the integration with Apple Pay, Apple’s digital wallet. The first Nubank Ultravioleta cards start to be issued this week.

With the singer Anitta, who recently joined the bank’s directors’ board, Junqueira showed the design of the new card, which is printed in metal and threefold heavier than a regular card. Also, the card only has the user’s name printed, data such as the card number, authentication code, validity data are preserved in the Nubank‘s app, which, according to the company, guarantees more security to the user. For online purchases, it is enough to activate the online card.

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Another design detail is seven “secret” phrases – such as “We’re not just numbers” – that only appear when the card is exposed to ultraviolet light.

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