Number of e-commerce in Brazil grows by 40%

A survey conducted by BigData Corp. and PayPal shows an increase of 37,5% in the number of e-commerce sites during the last year in Brazil

Costumers complain the most about delay in deliveries and fraud. Photo: Shutterstock

Brazil has reached a skyrocketing growth in e-commerce sites: from 2018 to 2019, the number of online stores has jumped to 930.000 – of which 230.000 were created in the last twelve months.

According to Brazilian newspaper Folha, who disclosed the results of the survey, the main reasons for such impressive growth are the low cost of entrepreneurship, unemployment rates, and the increasing offer of digital platforms ready-to-use – something that reduces technology costs.

These numbers are way higher than the last ones, when e-commerce reached a growth in the number of sites by 12.5% and 9.2%, during the last years.

Times of instability tends to foster the entrepreneurial spirit – and this is deeply related to Brazilians’ culture of creating new solutions to solve problems such as unemployment and low income. With this surging growth of e-commerce sites, data and consumer security matters are of great importance in order to keep a business’ healthy growth.

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