Omie goes shopping after the SoftBank round and acquires Devi Tecnologia

Devi develops software solutions for sales and had already been a partner of Omie.Store for a few years; Omie is evaluating other acquisitions to evolve its product

Omie, a Brazilian management platform, receives a BRL 580 million round led by SoftBank
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One month after raising a BRL 580 million round led by SoftBank, Omie, a management platform (ERP) focused on medium-sized companies, announced the acquisition of Devi Tecnologia, a company that develops software solutions for sales (Point of Sale and Pre-Sale). The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to Omie, Devi experienced accelerated growth in 2020 and 2021 as thousands of small and medium-sized businesses needed to digitize their operations due to the pandemic. Growth has continued even after the market reopened – from January to July this year Devi saw a 73% increase in net revenue compared to the same period last year.

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In addition, Devi was already a partner of Omie.Store, a marketplace with over 60 complementary solutions integrated with Omie’s ERP, which help companies organize their internal management. There, more than a thousand Omie customers already use the solution offered by Devi.

Marcelo Lombardo, CEO and founder of Omie, said that the acquisition of Devi will boost the offer of customized solutions for Omie’s clients. “We see Omie.Store’s current partners as strategic companies for possible acquisitions, as they are solutions already validated by customers and with a reliable track record. The experience with Devi made clear the team’s talent in developing a specific product for retail,” said Lombardo.

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Devi is Omie’s second acquisition. Last year, the platform acquired Mintegra to start expanding. Part of the funds raised in the pre-IPO round from SoftBank will go toward acquisitions to increase product capacity.

Founded in 2013, Omie has 950 employees and 70,000 customers. The company had been selling its integrated management service and financial products to companies with average revenues of around BRL 10 million per year. With the pandemic, it began to seek customers with revenues of up to BRL 200 million, competing in a market served by giants such as the German SAP.

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