Omie makes its second acquisition in a month: startup G-Click

This is the second purchase after SoftBank's round; Omie has adopted a strategy of expanding its ecosystem through acquisitions

Omie, a Brazilian management platform, receives a BRL 580 million round led by SoftBank
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Omie, a Brazilian management platform (ERP) focused on medium-sized companies, announced the acquisition of 100% of G-Click, a web tool for accounting offices to optimize the management of tasks, indicators, and teams. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This acquisition comes less than a month after Omie bought Devi Tecnologia, a sales software solutions company. In August, Omie raised a BRL 580 million round led by SoftBank and said at the time that part of the capital would be allocated to acquisitions with the aim of increasing product capacity.

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G-Click’s solution helps accounting firms to be more productive by automating all the tasks to be performed on a daily basis and also by managing and channeling all the communication between the internal office team and the clients. With the acquisition, Omie incorporates the entire G-Click operation, adding the products to its ecosystem.

According to Marcelo Lombardo, CEO, and founder of Omie, the acquisition aims to improve the services offered to more than 16,000 accounting offices that are already Omie partners. According to the company, G-Click has recorded strong growth in recent months, reaching 26,000 users accessing the solution daily.

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G-Click is Omie’s third acquisition. Last year, the platform acquired Mintegra to start expanding. Founded in 2013, Omie has 950 employees and 70,000 customers. The company had been selling its integrated management service and financial products to companies with average revenues of around BRL 10 million per year. With the pandemic, it began to seek customers with revenues of up to BRL 200 million, competing in a market served by giants such as the German SAP.

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