One more "plus": Salesforce launches its Salesforce Plus streaming platform for business content

Salesforce Plus is a live and on-demand content platform aimed at business professionals; the service already is available to a global audience through free subscriptions

Salesforce enters the global streaming market with Salesforce Plus
Image: Salesforce/Website
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Salesforce, the global CRM company, announced on Tuesday its debut in the streaming market with the launch of its Salesforce Plus service, a live and on-demand content platform aimed at business professionals. Salesforce Plus will include live event programming, original series, podcasts, and other programming, all focused on professional development content, such as learning new skills or pursue new career opportunities, among others.

The new streaming service already is available to a global audience through free subscriptions; for now, the company has no plans to charge for it. Salesforce Plus will be launch as an app soon, too.

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According to the company, the new platform will have six original series, four channels with live programming from its events and more than 100 hours of content. Also, Salesforce Plus will debut more original content in the coming months.

Salesforce Plus originals are: “Leading Through Change”, a weekly program focusing on how business leaders were dealing with the global pandemic; “Connections” showcases some of the most innovative marketers from companies like IBM, Levi’s, and GoFundMe; “The Inflection Point”, in which CEOs from leading brands such as Coca-Cola, PayPal, Honeywell, and Workday sharing how their personal backstories, professional influences, and values inform their leadership; “Boss Talks”, a career advice series and “Simply Put”, a short-form video series that makes complex business problems easy to understand.

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The company has hired a team of professionals to help launch the service, including editors, scriptwriters and broadcast producers, and has invested in its own in-house studio, Salesforce Studios, to film and produce the original content.

Sarah Franklin, president and Chief Marketing Officer of Salesforce, said that over the last 18 months the company has had to reimagine how to succeed in the new digital-first world. “We’re not going back, we’re creating the future now. Just as brands like Disney, Netflix and Peloton have done with streaming services for consumers, Salesforce Plus is providing an always-on, business media platform that builds trusted relationships with customers and a sense of belonging for the business community.”

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