"Our goal is to help Latin America to escape from this trap (EUA) and keep its countries sovereignty," stated Huawei's CEO

In an interview for Valor Econômico, Ren Zhengfei revealed the plans for Latin America and his opinion about the trade war against the United States

Huawei plans for Brazil
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The trade war between the United States and China has won the first page of the main international newspapers since the conflict has started and in the middle of the commercial cross-fire, one brand is always in the spotlight for good or worst: Huawei. After suffering hard restrictions from the US, the technology company became a true symbol of Chinese resistance. Even with Trump’s efforts, the company’s goals reveal that giving up is not an option and in this scenario, Latin America has all to do with Huawei’s recovery. 

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“The United States treat Latin America as its backyard. Our goal is to help Latin America to escape from this trap (US) and keep its countries sovereignty. Latin America is the best place in the world,” declared Huawei’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei, during an interview with the Brazilian media outlet Valor Econômico

The dispute with the United States won’t build a new Berlin Wall, because the information age doesn’t allow walls

Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s CEO, in an interview for the Brazilian media outlet Valor Econômico

In order to express how successful could be a closer commercial relation between Latin America, especially Brazil, and China, Zhengfei revealed an optimistic view about how technology could help to improve Brazil’s economic status, “the 5G technology comes at a time when Brazil is lacking impulse in order to surpass the United States.” And not even the polemical statements from Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, against China economic politics seem to worry the CEO, “as soon as the President has the chance to meet Huawei, he will change any previous opinions that he could have had in the past.”

But not even the most positive businessmen could deny that achieve the success in the region involves hard work and Zhengfei do have pointed out one challenge in the country, “the Brazilian regulation is too complicated and it could be a barrier to technological development. We must surpass the regulation barrier and political restrictions.”

Even after being penalized by the United States, Huawei keeps being the second company leading the smartphone sales worldwide, just behind Samsung, and Brazil is definitely on the company’s radar. 

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