Phone calls are still the preferred channel for customer service among Brazilians

A survey showed that the majority of Customer Service contacts made during the pandemic occurred through a phone call

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  • 36% of respondents reach for the customer service through a call, 21% on online chats and 20% by email;
  • For 52% of Brazilians, customer service is worse than in the past.

When a Brazilian buyer faces an issue with a purchase or service, the telephone remains the favorite channel to contact the company, according to a survey by OnYou, a firm that monitors customer experience. The survey showed that the majority of Customer Service contacts made during the pandemic (from March to May) occurred through a phone call, cited by 36% of respondents.

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The online chat was mentioned by 21% of respondents, and the email, by 20%. Channels such as WhatsApp and social networks were used by 15% and 7% of buyers, respectively.

According to the survey, 75% of respondents stated that they had reached for the companies’ Customer Service at least once during this period. For 52% of Brazilians, the service is worse. Among the main complaints cited by customers are the lower resolution of problems, indicated by 23%; increase in connection failures, indicated by 20%; lack of interest from the attendant, indicated by 12% and, finally, the perception of background noise and conversations during the call, mentioned by 9%.

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The financial segment received most complaints in the period. According to the survey, the banking sector accounted for 14.5% of total requests and card companies accounted for 9.5%.

Then there are the telecommunications and internet companies, with 8.8% of the total. Cell phones appear with 7.2%. E-commerce had 6.8%.

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