Postponed by Covid-19 pandemic, Hot Sale in Argentina starts on July 27

The event reached a record of 711 participating brands this year

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Postponed by the pandemic, Argentina‘s Hot Sale, an annual e-commerce sales event, is set to take place on July 27-29. At first, it was scheduled to happen in May.

According to the country’s Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CACE), 161 additional brands will take part in the festival, totalling 711 firms offering clothing, food, cosmetics, baby items, electronics and tourism products.

The record high of participants is related to many local physical stores reinforcing digital channels during a period they had to remain closed because of the pandemic.

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As Clarín reported, Hot Sale became a lifeline for activities badly hurt by the crisis. Participants include the e-commerce giant Mercado Libre, as well as Tiendamia, Dafiti, Falabella, Adidas and others. This year stores portfolio include clothing, food, cosmetics, baby items, electronics and tourism.

The three-day marathon of online discounts will offer a special delivery network, including its own vehicles, logistics companies and taxis.

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Data from CACE reported by Clarín indicate that in this Hot Sale clothing leads the ranking of brands, 186, which represents a rise of 40% compared to the last year’s event. Cosmetics (50%), baby items (42%), food (41%) and sports (28%) also registered growth.

Brands and chains of household appliances (102) and travel and tourism agencies (34) also remain strong: two sectors more used to working on e-commerce in Argentina, says the media outlet.

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Interviewed by Clarín, the Director of CACE, Gustavo Sambucetti said that the sale of food is consolidating, in tune with the efforts of manufacturers from Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestlé, among others, and supermarkets such as Jumbo and Día to bet on e-commerce. The same goes for cosmetic brands and pharmacies.

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