QMC Telecom International announces a BRL 500 million investment to expand in Brazil

Wireless infrastructure company operates more than 2,500 towers and wireless networks in the country and wants to expand its service offers to provide 5G solutions

QMC Telecom International announces a BRL 500 million investment to expand in Brazil
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QMC Telecom International, a wireless infrastructure multinational with operations in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the United States and Puerto Rico, where it was born, announced a BRL 500 million investment to expand its operation in Brazil. The company is focused on the 5G debut in the country. The amount was raised through the issue of debentures, with Itaú as offer coordinator.

Operating in Brazil since 2012, QMC has more than 2,500 infrastructures in all Brazilian states, considering towers and indoor networks. According to the company, the infrastructure of QMC is used by telcos such as Vivo, TIM and Claro; by private networks and by regional operators. QMC leases the towers to these companies to use them. Globally, the company has among its clients companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Movistar.

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The new investment will be used to expand the wireless infrastructure that the company offers to provide fixed broadband and mobile broadband. The solutions developed by QMC include build-to-suit towers, DAS (Distributed Antenna System) and small cells.

The company also develops a neutral infrastructure, which can be shared with more than one customer, meeting the demand of telcos and local providers for coverage towers in regions with more difficult access. QMC also works with neutral indoor networks, which can be shared by more than one operator, a very common infrastructure in shopping malls, hospitals and hotels.

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André Machado, president of QMC in Latin America, stated that the company’s goal is to take telco networks to the most complex and remote places in Brazil. “Brazil is one of the largest mobile telephony markets in the world, with more than 240 million devices in the country. With the 5G, the demand for connectivity will increase. The challenge is to be able to meet this new demand at the desired speed in order to enjoy the gains that 5G will bring to society as soon as possible.”

This is the company’s second investment in Brazil. In 2018, QMC Telecom raised BRL 150 million from ING Bank.

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