QuintoAndar refreshes brand positioning and aims for international expansion. Next destination: Mexico

With BRL 81 billion under management and four acquisitions in 2021, the real estate rental and sale platform will focus on going international in 2022

QuintoAndar refreshes brand positioning and aims for international expansion in 2022
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QuintoAndar, a Brazilian real estate rental and sales startup, has revealed a new brand positioning and visual identity. The rebranding, according to the startup, follows the evolution of the company, which began in 2013 and today presents itself as the largest housing platform in Latin America, with services for renting, buying and selling, and products aimed at real estate agents. Besides Brazil, QuintoAndar is also present in Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Mexico, through the operations of Navent Group, recently acquired by the startup.

“We want all people to remember QuintoAndar when they think about home,” said QuintoAndar co-founder and CEO Gabriel Braga.

The new brand position also sets a new strategic moment for the startup, focused on expansion to other markets, such as the opening of QuintoAndar’s first international branch, in Portugal. In Latin America, Mexico is the platform’s next target.

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“Our focus right now is on expansion and going international. Mexico will be the next destination for the QuintoAndar platform. We want to be the leading reference in housing for people in Latin America,” said Bruno Rossini, QuintoAndar’s communications director.

QuintoAndar began laying the groundwork for this in 2021, a key year for the Brazilian unicorn: it figured on the list of the ten largest investment rounds in Latin American startups with its $300 million Series E round led by Ribbit Capital; a few months later, the proptech raised a $120 million Series E extension, reaching a valuation of $5.1 billion.

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With the injected capital, the startup invested in acquisitions aiming to expand the solutions portfolio for the real estate market, going beyond rental, buying and selling services, and adding new products, such as real estate financing.

So, QuintoAndar closed four acquisitions in 2021: in March, the proptech announced the purchase of Casa Mineira and its ads portal, expanding the visibility of partner real estate agents through its marketplace. In August, QuintoAndar acquired Atta Franchising, which operates a network of 113 franchisees and serves more than 1,500 real estate agents and independent consultants all over the country. In December, it brought to its portfolio Velo, a startup focused on renting properties through a digital guarantee that ensures payment on time, reducing the impact of default for real estate partners and landlords.

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The fourth acquisition was made at the end of 2021: the Navent Group, which includes the companies Zonaprop, in Argentina; Imovelweb, Wimoveis and Union Softwares, in Brazil; Plusvalia, in Ecuador; Compreoalquile, in Panama; Adondevivir and Urbania, in Peru; Inmuebles24, in Mexico; and Tokko Broker Software, which operates in all these markets.

With more than 4,000 employees, the startup does not disclose absolute numbers, but reported that it ended 2021 with more than 150,000 deals and BRL 81 billion under management in the renting vertical; in the buying and selling vertical, more than 1,000 properties were sold in the first year of operation and a quarterly growth between 50 and 100%.

The new brand

According to QuintoAndar, the new brand positioning will guide the company’s performance in the market and its expansion plans, including the development of new products for the real estate market with a more careful look at the needs of residents and the impacts generated by the pandemic, which changed the way people relate to their homes.

Image: QuintoAndar/Courtesy

Flávia Mussalen, QuintoAndar’s marketing and branding director, explained that the new visual identity building followed four key principles already present in the services and products developed by the startup.

“We rethought the way people relate to their homes and added the technology-solving DNA, which is the essence of the company, to a more careful look at the people who inhabit these houses. The new visual identity communicates how QuintoAndar wants to be as a company following four principles: be welcoming; be simple (simplify processes and journeys); be flexible (embrace the different businesses and products the company offers); and be contemporary.”

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