Ranking of Brazilian billionaires has a new leader, according to Forbes

Joseph Safra, owner of Banco Safra, took the top spot from Jorge Paulo Lemann, who had been leading the list since 2013

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  • Banker Joseph Safra surpassed entrepreneur and financier Jorge Paulo Lemann, who had been leading the ranking since 2013;
  • Luiza Helena Trajano, in eighth position, now holds the title of the richest woman in Brazil. 

The list of the biggest fortunes in Brazil compiled by Forbes magazine had a change in leadership this year. Banker Joseph Safra, with an estimated fortune of BRL 119 billion ($22 billion), displaced from the top businessman Jorge Paulo Lemann, a partner at ABInbev and private equity firm 3G Capital who has led the ranking since 2013.

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Another highlight of the list is the chairwoman of retail chain Magazine Luiza, Luiza Helena Trajano, who now holds the title of the richest woman in Brazil. In the general ranking Luiza Helena is, at the moment, the eighth person with the biggest fortune in the country.

Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook and owner of technology investment company B Capital Group, appears for the first time in the third position of the ranking, after his fortune rose 61% in relation to the previous year.

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The top of the list of Brazilian billionaires is concentrated in the retail, finance and private equity sectors. According to Forbes Brasil, the total sum of the fortunes of the 238 Brazilian billionaires is BRL 1.6 trillion ($297 billion).

Check out the top 10:

  1. Joseph Safra (finance): $22 billion
  2. Jorge Paulo Lemann (food/beverages and private equity): $17 billion
  3. Eduardo Saverin (technology and investments): $ 12.6 billion
  4. Marcel Herrmann Telles (food/beverages and private equity): $10 billion
  5. Carlos Alberto Sicupira (food/beverages and private equity): $8 billion
  6. Alexandre Behring (private equity): $6.3 billion
  7. André Esteves (finance): $4.6 billion
  8. Luiza Trajano (retail): $4.5 billion
  9. Ilson Mateus (retail): $3.7 billion
  10. Luciano Hang (retail): $3.5 billion
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