Rappi starts a partnership with H&M in Chile

The goal is to join forces in order to reduce the delivery time, especially in the holiday's season

Rappi starts a partnership with H&M
Rappi starts a partnership with H&M. Photo: ShutterStock
  • H&M will be available in Rappi’s app to consumers located in the city of Santiago in Chile
  • The consumer will not only be able to choose products and order it directly in the app but also to message the delivery man during the purchase
  • The partnership starts only with H&M in Santiago, but Rappi already has plans to increase its fashion retailers portfolio

Rappi‘s mission always was to be a delivery of everything, but what was born as an informal delivery solution to save time for the consumer to order food or shopping in physical stores, now figures among the official delivery options in a retail store for the first time. According to Contxto, the global fashion retailer H&M has closed a deal with Rappi to delivery its clothes in Chile. 

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By solving the problem of those clients that want to make last-minute purchases but don’t have time to wait for the current delivery time, Rappi’s service will be available in 5 H&M stores in the city of Santiago. According to Contxto, it could be a test to soon expand the service for other Chilean cities where H&M is already present. 

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And from where its partnership came, there’s still a lot more in what depends on Rappi. In an interview for Contxto, the head of Consumer Packaged Goods Sebastián Waldman revealed that the delivery company is already dealing with other fashion brands to increase the portfolio of retailers available on the app. 

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