Ride-hailing and streaming applications gain space in Brazilians' budgets, suggests study

According to the survey by Guiabolso, spending in transport, streaming and food delivery apps went on to occupy 22% of monthly budgets

  • Transport applications lead the survey, representing 9.3% of budgets;
  • Average spending on streaming services has grown.

That applications such as Uber, Netflix, and iFood shifted the way we consume, offering new possibilities for daily activities, is nothing new under the sun. Yet a new survey by Guiabolso, financial management application, and published by Brazilian media outlet Valor Investe, presents information of how the adoption of these services is already filling a good piece of Brazilians’ monthly budget.

With an interface aimed at offering a better experience for the user, it is extremely easy to request an Uber when it is time to go to work, or ask for a pizza in apps such as iFood and Rappi. And all that ease is reflected in the numbers gathered by Guiabolso: those who use the four categories of services analyzed–food delivery and ride-hailing apps, and music and films streaming services–may be spending on average 22% of their monthly budget.

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The data refers to July of 2019, and it also suggests that the higher percentage of spending by users was in transport applications: 9.3%–or BRL 156.34 on average–out of total spending of 215,667 users analyzed during the aforementioned period. Uber, Cabify, and 99 Taxi were the applications examined.

Next, food delivery apps appear filling 7.2% of users’ budget in the sample, which represents on average a spending of BRL 126.31. Music and film streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify, represent a lower percentage of the budget–1.97%–drawing an amount of BRL 20.95 on average in July. The differential of streaming services is the recurrence, given that it is a monthly subscription service.

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