Roper Technologies wannabe, Brazil's SK Tarpon announces new holding, aims to be logistics leader in Latin America

The holding company wants to consolidate itself in Latin American logistics, and started operations through customer demands in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador

Vasco Carvalho Oliveira Neto, CEO of Niche Partners and partner of SK Tarpon
Vasco Carvalho Oliveira Neto, CEO of Niche Partners and partner of SK Tarpon. Photo: Courtesy/SK Tarpon
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  • NSTech’s holding wants to generate value for Brazil through the optimization of the logistics sector;
  • The business model of the holding company was inspired by US-based Roper Technologies.

Brazil‘s Roper Technologies wannabe SK Tarpon announced a new holding called NSTech, with the idea of ​​being the largest technology platform for logistics in Brazil. It will be managed by Niche Partners, which is part of the holding company’s ecosystem and seeks investments in leading companies in supply chain.

NSTech acquired Brasil Risk, a leader in the risk management and logistics management market for large shippers and carriers – especially for the fast moving consumer goods, electronics, according to a press statement.

The NSTech technology platform currently brings together four groups of companies (Buonny, Opentech, AT&M, and Brasil Risk) and almost 20,000 customers. The holding intends to help customers to be more efficient in their logistics, spending less, making faster deliveries, and reducing carbon emissions, accidents, and theft.

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The purpose of bringing companies together under NSTech’s holding will be to generate value for Brazil through the optimization of the logistics sector, contributing to the success and profitable growth of five major categories of customers: drivers, transporters, shippers, insurance brokers, and insurance companies that operate in cargo transportation.

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“There is a multitude of software and services, today with very focused solutions, but little integrated, and in particular with a fragmented and poor quality database. We believe that we can help our customers to be more efficient and profitable. For this reason, we are creating a solution with cutting-edge technology and total integration, to solve any problems related to logistics, starting with road transport,” says Vasco Carvalho Oliveira Neto, CEO of Niche Partners and partner of SK Tarpon, in press statement.

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Latin America’s logistics one-stop-shop

Currently, NSTech has an M&A pipeline of more than 15 companies, which aim to complement the product portfolio to create a one-stop-shop platform.

The holding wants to consolidate itself in Latin American logistics, and already operates in Brazil, in Mexico, and is starting operations through customer demands in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

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“At the end of the day, we create value for end consumers and countries as a whole. Cheaper, faster, and safer logistics are what we all want. We have the view that technology, the intensive use of artificial intelligence, combined with an exceptional team, is the best way to address these issues. The purpose is to create value for the world, through the optimization of logistics. Brazil today spends about 12% of GDP on logistics, compared to 7% for the United States. More than 40% of our trucks run empty, generating pollution, traffic, and accidents that could be avoided. In addition, we are the 3rd largest country in the world in cargo theft and we have more than 18,000 traffic accidents annually on federal highways involving trucks. Together with the entrepreneurs who founded these exceptional companies and an outstanding team, we are going to change that reality. We will be a reference in ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance), and indispensable instruments for companies that are concerned with the matter,” reflects Vasco.

The holding’s business model was inspired by Roper Technologies, an American company that invests in leading niche companies, with a Market Cap of approximately $46 billion, and which since its IPO has surpassed the S&P index about five times.

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“NSTech companies will continue to operate with 100% autonomy and independence, but with a vision of the whole, that is, always thinking about the success of customers. Their success will be ours. Two factors have been fundamental to the success of these companies so far: culture and focus. We strongly believe in this, and we will help to reinforce and evolve its models, contributing to perpetuate the dreams of its founders. Our responsibility is enormous and we will honor their stories with a lot of determination and determination,” adds Vasco.

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