Searches for live streaming of music dropped by 70% in Brazil, according to Google Trends

After Brazilian Valentine's Day, on June 12, searches for musical webcasts in Brazil decreased steadily

Brazilian singer Marilia Mendonça holds the record of 3.2 million viewers during her live on YouTube. Photo: YouTube
  • Singer Marília Mendonça has the biggest music webcast in the history of YouTube;
  • Brazilians may be overwhelmed with live-streaming concerts.

Data from Google Trends reveal a drop of nearly 70% in searches for music live streaming webcasts in Brazil. After months breaking global audience records on YouTube live-streaming concerts, Brazilians now seem to be tired of this kind of entertainment, as Veja reports.

Brazilian singer Marília Mendonça has the biggest webcast in the history of YouTube with more than 3.2 million concurrent viewers on April. As of May, Google Trends notice a 20% drop in searches for the keyword. On June 12, Valentine’s Day in Brazil, there was a slight increase in searches and, from then on, the decline was only accentuated.

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Another thing that calls attention is that search peaks always occur on weekends, albeit also in a declining way. According to Veja, data can mean the over-saturation of live-streaming for Brazilians, after the heights of the beginning of the pandemic.

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