Shopee releases live commerce feature in Brazil

The phenomenon of videos in which influencers and sellers test products has everything to win over Latin American users.

Photo: REUTERS/Edgar Su
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Shopee, the e-commerce platform of the Asian group Sea that already has more than 1 million local sellers in Brazil, has just released Shopee Live, its live commerce feature, in the country. The live broadcasts will take place at this first moment on Tuesdays and Thursdays (8 pm), with sales of products and entertainment and guest influencers as presenters.

Exclusive Coupons, Shopee Coins, and other features will allow users to take advantage of even more offers during their shopping. Content will be created by Shopee’s own team directly from the brand’s office in São Paulo.

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“Live streaming has transformed the way brands engage with consumers. Our goal is to continue innovating and providing sellers with new options to connect with their buyers and unlock new growth opportunities, especially in mobile, where over 95 % of our orders are available. We are also bringing even more fun, interactive and social experience to our app. This is a way to democratize access to live commerce and offer more detailed reviews of the products sold on our platform so that consumers feel even more secure to buy them”, said Felipe Piringer, responsible for marketing and strategy at Shopee, in a press release. Today, local sellers already account for 85% of Shopee’s sales in Brazil are local, and new features like this tend to engage users more and increase this proportion.

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Last year, AliExpress had said that live commerce was part of the platform’s growth strategy in Brazil, a country that is consistently among the company’s top five markets. Shopping driven by live videos in Southeast Asia, where influencers and sellers test products in real-time, is a true phenomenon. Shopee Live officially launched in 2019 in Southeast Asia and Taiwan to create an interactive, engaging and social experience that goes beyond shopping. To access the streams, users can simply log in to Shopee’s app and click on the Shopee Live icon on the main page.

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