Shopify online stores now have transparent checkout for Brazilian consumers

Brazilian fintech EBANX launched the solution to provide seamless payment experience and higher conversion rates

Photo: Shopify
  • Brazilian fintech EBANX launched “Sell in LatAm EBANX Checkout” a single integration transparent checkout to provide seamless payment experience;
  • The new checkout allows consumers to remain on the same page to conclude the purchase;
  • A few EBANX merchants that use Shopify already experienced an improvement in both checkout abandonment and conversion rates in a beta test.

Payments processor fintech EBANX launched this Wednesday a new checkout solution for online stores that sell to Brazil using Shopify‘s platform. Called “Sell in LatAm EBANX Checkout” the single integration aims at offering consumers a seamless payment experience.

Unlike the previous checkout, in which the consumer was redirected to EBANX online to complete the purchase, in the new one, they remain on the same page to conclude the process.

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“Besides improving the purchasing experience for consumers, the transparent checkout also benefits the merchant. We conducted a beta test of the new checkout with a few of our merchants that use Shopify, and they experienced relevant improvement in both checkout abandonment and conversion rates: 30 percentage point decrease and 7 pp. increase respectively,” EBANX B2B product director Erika Daguani stated in a company press release.

Consumers can see product prices in their local currency, as well as pay with local payment methods, but merchants can receive their settlement in US dollars if they would like to. “Being a payments partner for Shopify is completely aligned with EBANX’s mission to create access, for both the consumers in Latin America and for all-sized businesses around the world that make their way to the LatAm region through Shopify. This is a step forward in this partnership and essential in tackling the challenges of access throughout LatAm,” said Wade Pylka, VP of channels at the fintech.

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