Sleeping Giants in Brazil get companies to remove ads that promote misinformation

The American model of Sleeping Giants in Brazil aims to prevent biased or fake news sites from monetizing through advertising

Sleeping Giants already got companies to remove ads from tendencious websites. Photo: Screenshot/Twitter
  • The Brazilian social media was born last Sunday and already has 98,7 thousand followers in Twitter;
  • It has been alerting Brazilian companies where their programmatic media ads are monetizing.

The American social media organization of activists Sleeping Giants has now a Brazilian profile. The organization was born to keep companies accountable of ad-placement on websites that spread misinformation. In Brazil, its Twitter account said that the activists aim to prevent fake news sites from monetizing through advertising. “Many companies don’t know that this happens, it is time to inform them”, it says.

The Twitter account scans websites that publish fake news for ads from major companies and alerts them. Many of the advertisements on the internet are automated. The administrator of a website opens a space and inserts a code that is managed by companies like Google or Facebook. These companies, in exchange for the space, pass on part of the revenue received from advertisers to the websites. Large advertisers can include a list of addresses where they don’t want to see their ads. What Sleeping Giants does is warn firms that may not want their image linked to disinformation.

The movement alerted local companies such as Claro, Telecine, Submarino, PicPay, Dell, Banco do Brasil, Loft, O Boticário and MercadoLibre about their programmatic media on such websites, and some of them already said will remove those ads.

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