Small and medium businesses handle BRL 650 million through e-commerce in 2021's first four-month in Brazil

The data is from a survey by Nuvemshop, an open e-commerce platform that brings together more than 80,000 virtual stores in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico

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Nuvemshop, an e-commerce platform that presents itself as the segment leader in Latin America, with more than 80,000 virtual stores in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, released that in 2021’s first four-month, small and medium entrepreneurs who use the platform for its ecommerces has already earned BRL 650 million.

The amount is more than triple the turnover of 2020. The volume of orders also more than tripled, from 953,000 to more than 3 million in the same period.

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Alejandro Vázquez, CCO and co-founder at Nuvemshop, explained that the platform already expected a leap in e-commerce even before the pandemic, which accelerated the retail digital inclusion and increased the participation of virtual stores from 5% to 10%. “On our platform, we estimate that about 2 million Brazilians have purchased products over the internet for the first time during these four months,” he said.

The Fashion segment grabs most of the revenue achieved by the virtual stores that use the Nuvemshop platform and handled more than BRL 189.5 million between January and April, an increase of 190% compared to the same period last year. Next comes Accessories, with an increase of 146% and revenues of BRL 43.6 million; and the Home and Decor segment, with an increase of 149% and revenues of BRL 26.3 million.

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Segments that most grew in the small and medium entrepreneurs e-commerce at Nuvemshop:

  • Jewels: a 264% growth and revenues of BRL 11.3 million.
  • Fashion: a 190% growth and sales of BRL 189.5 million;
  • Arts: a 168% growth and revenue of BRL 15.1 million;
  • Home and Decor: a 149% growth and revenue of BRL 26.3 million;
  • Accessories: a 146% growth and revenue of BRL 43.6 million;
  • Food and Beverage: a 144% growth and revenue of BRL 15.5 million.
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