Snapchat is back? Top 4 countries where the app has more users in Latin America

Snapchat Q1 results beat market expectations amid the pandemic
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Did you think that Snapchat could possibly recover? Well, in the social media platforms industry everything is possible. This week the world had surprising news from the company: exceeding forecasts, the app reached 203 million daily users on the platform with a revenue of $388 million.

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The company went through hard times since Instagram launched Stories, and now it seems to have learned from past mistakes, preparing more than ever to recover its audience and seize the market. We cannot predict the future, but a great part of its audience has never forgotten the app and couldn’t be happier with this latest news. Among them, there are some Latin American countries where the app is still very popular. 

Get to know the four countries where Snapchat had more users in Latin America during January of this year, according to Statista:

4- Argentina

Snapchat in Argentina

The future of Snapchat in Argentina and Latin America is very exciting,” said  Max Rivera, the Commercial Lead of Snapchat Latam & EU, in an interview for TotalMedios. The Snapchat that already has 2.75 millions of users in Argentina is now betting on the features of the new Android version released to attract more clients in Argentina.

3- Colombia

This is another country with great potential to be a fast-growing market for Snapchat in Latin America. For now, the app already has 2.85 million of active users in the country, and the company is also counting with Android’s new version to keep increasing audience in Colombia.

2- Brazil

Snapchat’s app had already experienced a significant recovery in Brazil with the release of new masks. On the week of May 12th, the app that lately had been struggling to stay in the top 20 most downloaded apps in the Google Play store, has now reached the first position. But the company still has a challenging route ahead to get their audience back. Although the app has 9.9 million users in the country, a lot of them still use Snapchat’s masks to create content and publish it on Instagram. It will be a challenging battle.

1- México

Snapchat in Colombia

Since the beginning, Mexico was the most important market for Snapchat in Latin America. During this recovery it couldn’t be any different, since the app has 10.9 million of Mexican users. Not only users, but also brands have a lot to celebrate with Snapchat back in top form When the app first entered into Mexican market, promoting ads in the platform was cheaper than any other social media platform. Now, with the significant increase in use of the app worldwide, it may become a profitable option to engage with platform in Mexico again.

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